Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mystery Man Hair Day

Disclaimer: I loved this job. No smearing here.

For almost two years, I worked at a local grocery store famous for having pretty crazy characters. They have to remain nameless on this blog, but the whole community knows their name.. However, this gentleman (should I call him that?) was a complete mystery man. I had never seen him before and have not seen him since.

I was fronting (definition:bringing forward/stacking certain items on the store to make them look pretty) the mayonnaise when I saw a shadow hanging over me. I just kind of sat there. He did not say "excuse me" or "I'm just going to reach over you". He was as still as I was. Was I freaked out? Yes. He got closer, closer, closer, and finally took a deep breathe through his nostrils.

Mystery man just smelled my hair.

Then Mystery Man left without getting anything off the shelf. I was dumbfounded. All that and he did not even buy anything? Was this real life? I looked around; the store was eerily vacant for this time of day. I almost did not believe myself. Surely I tricked myself.. but I totally heard/felt him smell my hair. He was that close. I paused to gather my composure.. nobody would believe me if I told them. For the rest of the day, I had to pretend like nothing had happened. It was difficult.

I still wonder if my hair smelled good that day. I hope it did because I cannot remember the shampoo I used on Mystery Man Hair Day.

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