Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feeling a little.. domestic?

I have no idea what is coming over me. Lately, I have started washing clothes without thinking of the billions of things I'd rather be doing, and I even ironed a shirt for birthday festivities at my house! What are these feeling and how do I cope? I am not sure how to mentally process the transfiguration of the tasks I once found daunting and humdrum to being agreeable. This maybe be presumptuous of me but I am almost positive people my age do not find ironing agreeable.

My interest in ironing has heightened with my discovery of ruffles, and I blame all the other domestic/nesting feelings on getting ready to go off to school. (I credit everything to moving off to school these days.)

I used to iron a little with my hair straightener. Now, I use the big girl iron!!
I am very proud of my ironing today... in case you couldn't tell.

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